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      "Enough! Tom Merritt, this is no place for an honest man. I was to have gone in a few days, but when this night's job is done, I shall just pack up all I can get together into a cart, and let the black fiend, or his imp, Calverley, take the rest. Aye! with my wife, the boy, and Will, I shall be out of Gloucester before sun-rise—and the sooner the better. But now let us talk of the rescue. How many honest hands can you get among the town's folk?"嘞The man did not reply, and Black Jack, congratulating himself that he had prudently kept his own counsel, endeavoured to turn the attention of the leaders from the consequences to the cause. Holgrave positively refused to sanction the contemplated firing: "No man," said he, "has a right to burn what does not belong to him." But he was only one man, and the sense of abstract justice was not sufficiently strong in those about him, to overbalance the advantages that might result from the deed. Certainly, to speak the truth, Turner hesitated some time before he assented, but the pithy language of Thomas Sack, and the covert insinuations of the lettered Oakley, overpowered his better judgment, and the thing was decided upon.イ俜ぅゥ�で┞匈ゥイ

      The yeoman re-entered, and Sir Robert began, in a voice so familiar, that Byles was thrown off his guard. "John Byles, how came you to be so foolish as to fall in the ravine the night you and Sam went to shoot the buck?"ゥ牢谁赉�い�悭い幞ゥ邑お


      At the instant, a bow was drawn, an arrow whizzed, and the imprudent vintner fell back from the casement.辚佶王ゥ瑜欹� いイアⅴ�铳イd·

      �墼搜ぉ"The man has an obstinate spirit, your grace," returned the earl.廿ぇゥ�フぞˉ



      FOOTNOTES:うぞぅ宛ス�ゥ伢墩证弘"Isabella," said the baron, as she entered, "Calverley has ascertained the retreat of Stephen Holgrave." She had anticipated something of the kind; but the effect it produced was singular. An electrical thrill seemed to vibrate through her frame, and a sudden coldness chilled her brow; but ere it could have been said that her cheek was pale, the whole countenance was suffused with a deepened glow, and rallying her energies, she asked, with assumed composure, "where he was hidden?"ゥ

      �ぅ触ぅづグ"What! all?" interrupted Richard.ド�いユ渐いゼゆ


      �イ黏に佬"Then you admit knowing where he is hidden?"ダ谣互癀ァ�恧イぅ芝互刊

      �ゼゴイ�毡堀濂ぅぅ"Hold, hold," said Wells, starting up, and covering his eyes with his hands; "as you hope for mercy, say no more—I cannot bear it."ピ