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      Another week passed, and still he waited for some word from his secretary about the book-plate. He was not going to be eager about it, for he would not confess to himself the anxiety with which he awaited an opportunity that his twenty-five shillings a week secretary had denied him. But day by day he scrutinized her face, and wondered if she was going to say that the book-plate was finished.ネ羼狙わ�冥�筏癀%ォゥイ

      ‘No, I can’t allow that for a moment,’ he said.ぅ痼牧‘May me come in?’ he said. ‘And how are us?{200}’ぅ讠螭鸳コぅ�ぺがでヌイ


      ‘Oh, I don’t think that would do at all, Mamma!’ she said. ‘It would be a very odd thing to propose.’盆抡楗イウThey had come near to the end of the ridge where the steep descent on to the road began. Fifty yards in front, at present unnoticed by him, was the tussock out of which the bird had risen, and even as they paused, she looking at Bracebridge, and he at her, that carolling and jubilation began again. At once she put down her shielding hand, and laid it on his sleeve, as if he could not hear.漕拶プ妤�ゥ驻肖


      Mr Silverdale clasped his hands together.匹咯イ妤口�ふ‘If you think it best, I will,’ she said. ‘Whatever we do, don’t let us waste time here.’ゥい


      �ゥ箅‘What are you doing?’ he said, and glancing up he found that for once she was looking at him with contemptuous anger, held perfectly in control.单リイル�食


      ‘Yes; you’ve got a book of reproductions of Watteau drawings. I don’t think you cared for it much. Picnics and fêtes, and groups of people under trees.{42}’螗イ�─光ユ‘He didn’t think so. He’s rather touching. He said, “Then you don’t despair of making a gentleman of me in time..”’韦


      ‘Yes; he usually comes with me in the evening,’ said Norah, ‘but he is in bed with a very bad cold.’·�Дぉひ‘Your father would like that,’ she observed.靴ゥ

      ‘But I have really enjoyed doing it. I—I have done it for the sake of books. I like doing things for books.’ビ卦っ�ゥヮイぐ�氦

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